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Our Services

AWS Contract Services

We provide dedicated AWS contractors directly to clients for longterm projects and without the additional overheads of using recruitment firms. We primarily offer remote AWS contractors but can facilitate onsite days as required.

AWS Consultancy

We offer a wide range of services from AWS audits through to full AWS environment planning, design and deployment. Check out our projects for examples of our AWS consultancy work.

Cloud Migration

Whether you are migrating a web application or a full data centre to the AWS Cloud our team can assist in the planning, architecture, migration and security of your new AWS Cloud environment.

AWS Assessment & Report

Have your AWS environment reviewed by our team to ensure it is optimised for performance, reliability, security and cost. Our standard review includes a written report outlining key areas for improvement for your existing AWS environment.

AWS Architecture Design

Full architectural design service for new AWS environments. You provide the use case and we will draw up an optimal AWS architecture including best practices for HA design, durability, performance, security and cost optimisation.

AWS Deployment

We use Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation) to deploy AWS environments for our clients to provide repeatable and robust deployments. All deployments are fully documented.


Below is a brief summary of AWS Cloud and IT consultancy projects our team were responsible for delivering for clients. These include both AWS contractor and consultancy services. If you have an AWS project that you would like to discuss with our team get in touch with us.

AWS Transit Gateway Networking

Technologies: AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Direct Connect, AWS VPC, VPN, Networking, Security

Architected and deployed AWS Transit Gateway network spanning US and European locations for a multinational. Networked 40+ VPCs and multiple office locations via Transit Gateway using AWS Direct Connect and VPNs. This deployment provided strict access control to offices, data centres and VPCs to meet the client's compliance requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Storage with NetApp & AWS

Technologies: NetApp Cloud Volumes, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon S3, S3 Glacier

Designed a hybrid storage solution for large datasets and Big Data pipelines using NetApp and AWS native storage products. Implemented NetApp Cloud Volumes over AWS Direct Connect for high performance workloads from lab equipment. Integrated AWS Storage Gateway with on-prem devices using CIFS/NFS to facilitate longterm secure storage of compliance data and logs on S3.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Genome Research

Technologies: Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS VPC, VPC Endpoints, AWS Direct Connect

Delivered a complete Cloud infrastructure for genome research. The solution involved fully hosting corporate IT, laboratory systems, Big Data research platforms and virtual desktops within the AWS Cloud. Due to the sensitivity of the data this project required AWS DirectConnect, Amazon WorkSpaces and private endpoints to multiple VPCs.

Big Data to Cloud using AWS Direct Connect

Technologies: AWS DirectConnect, Amazon S3, AWS Storage Gateway, NetApp

This client generates terrabytes of data daily from on-prem equipment. This solution involved writing this data directly to AWS Cloud without any on-prem server or storage hardware. We leveraged AWS Direct Connect to securely transfer data to Amazon S3, AWS Storage Gateway and NetApp high performance Cloud volumes.

AWS Cloud Governance & Security

Technologies: AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty

Auditing, monitoring and alerting solution on AWS Cloud for a Life Sciences company to provide full governance over the AWS infrastructure including root account or key usage, system access, VPC networking changes and security alerts.

Data Centre Migration to AWS

Technologies: AWS Transit Gateway networking, Amazon EC2, RDS, EFS, AWS Storage Gateway, NetApp storage.

This project involved the migration of a European data centre to AWS Cloud. Architected a replacement Cloud infrastructure for the data centre infrastructure and applications. Managed the migration process and cutover to AWS and the decommissioning of the data centre.

Medical Research Software to AWS

Technologies: AWS VPC, EC2, S3, RDS, EFS, Terraform, Ansible

Architected an AWS Cloud solution for medical research software used by hospitals and researchers. Produced a repeatable 'Infrastructure as Code' Terraform deployment with Ansible server configuration providing resilient and secure AWS VPC, scalable EC2 Linux-based hosting, HA shared file system and RDS database for the application.

Migration of Airline to AWS Cloud

Technologies: AWS VPC, EC2, RDS, ELB, IPSec VPN

Architected the Cloud infrastructure for an airline migrating from multiple on-prem data centres to AWS Cloud. This project also involved building a PoC environment and benchmarking cloud performance against the client's onsite Oracle database systems.

Mobile Messaging Data Centre to Cloud

Technologies: AWS VPC, EC2, MySQL, SMS messaging gateways

This project involved migrating high transaction messaging applications running on bare metal servers in a data centre to AWS Cloud infrastructure. The AWS solution provided a HA design, scalable platform and securely integrated with messaging gateways for multiple mobile carriers.

Private Cloud using OpenStack

Technologies: OpenStack, blade servers, firewalls, switches

Designed and deployed a Private Cloud solution using OpenStack and on-prem hardware for a multinational client who could not use a public cloud solution for compliance reasons. The Private Cloud solution involved 100+ physical servers, fibre-based switches and firewalls.


Below are some of the customers we have provided AWS Cloud or IT consultancy services.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.– Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMware
Cloud computing is often far more secure than traditional computing, because companies like Google and Amazon can attract and retain cyber-security personnel of a higher quality than many governmental agencies.Vivek Kundra - former federal CIO of the United States
Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.Lowell McAdam - former CEO of Verizon Communications
With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.Roy Stephan - Founder and CEO of PierceMatrix

About Our Company

Mulreany Consulting Ltd (t/a AWS Consultant) was established in 2009 as an AWS Cloud and Technology contract and consultancy business. Our founders each bring over 25 years experience in Enterprise IT infrastructure and systems. Our specialist area is migrating traditional data centre and systems to the AWS Cloud. We have worked on Cloud architecture and deployment projects for clients in the Life Sciences, medical, telecommunications, aviation, agri and e-commerce sectors.

Our Skills

We specialise in AWS Cloud technologies and Linux based solutions for Enterprise and SME clients.

  • AWS Cloud Architecture95%

  • AWS Cloud Migrations90%

  • AWS DevOps Deployments 90%

  • Linux / LAMP 85%

  • IT Infrastructure Design 80%

  • Cloud Security & Governance80%

Jason Mulreany profile picJason Mulreany - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Jason Mulreany has over 30 years experience in the IT industry working in senior technical roles for multinationals including Amazon AWS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Creative Labs and EDS. Jason joined Amazon AWS as a senior Cloud engineer and after three years working directly with AWS Enterprise customers he founded this AWS contract and consultancy business. Jason has worked as a contract AWS Enterprise Solutions Architect & Infrastructure/Cloud Operations engineer for clients including Eir, Huawei, Genomics Medicine Ireland and Genuity Science.

Jason is responsible for Enterprise AWS Architecture and Cloud Operations for AWSConsultant.ie

Jason was a speaker at AWS re:Invent 2019 on leveraging AWS Cloud for Genomic Processing and Storage.

AWS Certifications

Jason Mulreany AWS certified Solutions Architect Professional Jason Mulreany AWS certified SysOps Associate Jason Mulreany AWS certified DevOps Professional

Note: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and SysOps renewed March 2021. DevOps lapsed, pending renewal in 2021.

Fiona Mulreany profile picDirector, Fiona Mulreany - BSc. (Hons), PGDip Technology Management

Fiona has over 25 years experience in the Technology sector specialising in web technologies and online systems. After five years in Intel Ireland engineering Fiona founded 'Innovate' an early Internet services firm providing web / online systems development and technology services. Fiona's experience includes web development projects on LAMP stack, IT systems architecture, technical consultancy & Project Management in sectors including life sciences, agriculture, logistics and e-commerce.

Fiona is responsible for DevOps and technical Project Management for AWSConsultant.ie and currently works with our clients migrating applications and systems to the AWS Cloud and managing our AWS Cloud deployments.

AWS Certifications

Fiona Mulreany AWS certified Solutions Architect associate Fiona Mulreany AWS certified SysOps associate Fiona Mulreany AWS certified Developer associate

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